January 9, 2014

Get your physio-spiritual mojo on!

Today, a long overdue post on one of my fave Islamic products.. ever! Far from your everyday rug.. Timez5 is the world's first physiological and most innovative prayer mat!

As I watched a TV show reviewing the product, I quickly contacted him to review the product.. and try it for myself!
I started using Timez5 right away, after spending some time admiring the packaging (what can I do, I'm a marketeer!). But most of all, I loved its  slipcover to protect and hang the mat in your closet. Alternatively you can choose to roll it up like a yoga mat.
My first thoughts: "How will I ever go back to my regular prayer mat?!" and "I need one of these!". Although it is said the target audience is for those with joint pains, it can also be used for the 5 reasons below:

He was very friendly and agreed to it. I remember hearing the doorbell ring for delivery the second I finished performing wudhu (ablution ritual before prayers) right in time for prayer, subhan Allah!

Its pale colors are inviting and I couldn't wait to pray.

As Timez5 founder and CEO Nader Sabry puts it, "while researching the practice of prayer I discovered that our physical prostrations have many benefits beyond the spiritual, connected to our health and wellbeing, a common link with other faiths. However, these benefits were beyond the reach of many due to health issues created by our sedentary lifestyles (...)."

- More focused, better performance during prayer - it will improve your ibadah (worship)!
- Award-winning product
- Physical relief: muscle pain or stiffness, joint aches, being overweight or pregant
- Improves posture support and inflexibility
- Anti-slip base
1-year manufacturing warranty
- Countless amazing little things that make a huge difference, see video below!

- You might want to take a nap on it after prayer. Yes, it's that comfortable!
- 270$ + shipping (direct door-to-door delivery internationally).. can you swing it? But makes an unforgettable gift, investment and experience! (order here)
- The experience of stepping onto the mat is one of floating which can be disconcerting for the first time

You've been warned.. you will fall in LOVE with it!

Feel free to to follow Timez5 on Facebook, Twitter @TIMEZ5 and YouTube.
Website : www.timez5.com

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