July 30, 2013

Interfaith Friendships : can we learn from one another?

A belated Ramadan Kareem to y'all!

This month, Good Taste magazine asked me to answer a few questions as a Muslim convert together with a friend of my choice from a different faith. The magazine's summer issue focuses on the Holy month of Ramadan, in which they raise an interesting topic of "Interfaith Relationships".

This made me wonder why it is hardly talked about, as Islam actually encourages interfaith harmony.

I chose my friend Amanda who is an Australian Christian Catholic (as I was before I embraced Islam) woman who has been studying religions for many years.

The questions were a lot more extensive than what is now published.
However, answering them allowed Amanda and I to realize how precious our friendship is and how much we learn from one another. We felt overwhelmed with gratefulness at how blessed we are to have such a friendship in our lives, which is based on this strong foundation of mutual acceptance and sharing of our knowledge.

Personally, this allows me to remember what our Abrahamic religions share and have in common. It reminds me that Christianity guided me and led me to Islam as a continuation of God's message to spread monotheism.

Do you have a similar friend in your life? What is your opinion on interfaith friendships? Do you think they will weaken or strengthen your own faith?

For more information on the annual "Muslim-Christian Dialogue" event mentioned in the article above and held at the Knowledge Village auditorium in Dubai Media City, click here.

Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding website

Special thanks to Saadiya Ahmed for this interview opportunity.

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