June 21, 2014

An Islamic art exhibition to get excited about (Downtown Dubai, UAE)

Ripple by Siddiqa Juma
I am announcing with great pleasure (and excitement) the upcoming 'Downtown Ramadan' exhibition, to be held at 'The Gallery' at Emaar Pavilion and 'Downtown' with 27 inspiring artworks from the London-based Islamic art gallery Ahlan Art Gallery

The handpicked selection by Emaar, in collaboration with art curators, includes a variety of styles and methods such as Arabic calligraphy, photography, watercolour and acrylic paintings, mixed media, showcasing verses of the Holy Quran, names and attributes of Allah, Mosques, Islamic culture and much more.

Hassan Mawji, founder of Ahlan Art gallery said: 'We're honoured to be working with Emaar Properties to showcase our Islamic Art gallery in the heart of Dubai. Founded in London, Ahlan Art gallery are at the forefront of creating a new narrative for Islamic Art by bringing to surface a diverse range of international artists and artwork.'

Eight talented artists of different nationalities (British, East African, Lebanon, Pakistan, Indian, Syrian) and backgrounds (reverts and born-Muslims) are part of this exhibition, including: George H Lewis, Siddiqa Juma, Peter Gould, Richard Mac Leod, Salva Rasool, Maaida Noor, Samir Malik and Aadil Abedi.
This exciting mix of artists gives the exhibition a rich palette of genres which I am so excited to see.

- ‘Downtown’ Ramadan Tent (you may also enjoy Iftar/Suhour with a breathtaking view of Burj Khalifa)
Sunday –Wednesday : 6pm to 2am
Thursday – Saturday : 6pm to 3am
- ‘The Gallery' at Emaar Pavilion, Downtown Dubai
Saturday –Thursday : 9am to 6pm

first day of Ramadan until August 31st

InshaAllah, will post some interviews very soon.. stay tuned!

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