August 8, 2014

Islamic fashion designer Annah Hariri

I have never been able to find a suitable translation for the french saying 'Coup de coeur' - which literally could be translated as 'heart stroke' in English! Its true meaning is an instant liking in something and, what better way to describe how I fell in love with Annah Hariri's designs.. and since this post is about fashion, why not throw in a little French!

The modest clothing design brand is the brainchild of a European revert, Annah, who created the brand in 2012 shortly after her conversion.
Annah says, "I reverted to Islam and the hardest challenge was to start wearing hijab as I had an enormous ego and love for fashion, clothes and myself. Moreover there was no proper clothing in the market for a working hijabi lady. Actually you could find a few modest items but those would be high street brands which are too pricey and it is an “ihlas” to spend this much on the clothes. So most girls would buy under shirts and wear them under the normal office shirts, tops and even beautiful cocktail dresses (indeed almost under everything because all clothes are either short sleeved or transparent or too tight). Those under shirts did not look right to me. I thought to myself that there has to be another way, an easier way for modest women in the community to dress, women that follow trends, but still be modest and true to the order of hijab & covering their beauty."

As Annah started creating modest clothes for herself, her entourage encouraged her to sell them and she finally opened her own atelier based in Dubai. Now delivering worldwide, her brand is receiving tremendous exposure as she started receiving custom orders, offers wedding dress tailoring services, has launched limited editions of handmade items, a kids' line, and her own store in the UAE.

In my opinion, she is a master of Tutu skirts, available in a variety of bright (mint green, pink) and classic (white, beige, black) colours of tulle, with or without Swarovski crystals, from puffy to extra puffy, buttoned waist with zipper or elastic band for a more casual look etc.. I am yet to receive my tailor-made order of the white, extra puffy skirt :) I can't wait!

The best part is that Annah thinks of everything for us practicing sisters, with small details that make a huge difference:
- full coverage with no transparency
- one-button sleeves are designed for easy ablutions
-  super-light fabric for Abayas
- high collar designed for hijab
- from casual and business wear to evening gowns, abayas, accessories etc (would love to see sportswear soon!)
- colourful, comfortable and quality fabrics
- polished finishes
- reasonable pricing

This is now my second order at Annah Hariri's store in Dubai, and I have to mention how helpful she has been, and what a truly wonderful and beautiful person she is - inside and out, mashaAllah!

I encourage you to check out her website and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I’m facing very bad experience with Annah Hariri. The item already been paid and I have the bill purchase with them. Until now I did not receive the item for two month now. When I’m sending them email regarding the update only first email been reply and the rest of email update no reply. I call them with the number they give at website nobody answered. Then I’m sending message for cancellation through mail and message but no reply. This is devastating and dissatisfaction with the whole thing hassle myself. Now IM SEEKING FOR MY REFUND ANNAH HARIRI! I don’t care about your product.